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Welcome to gamescom latam business platform

Here you will find the conference schedule, speakers and companies participating in the gamescom latam business meetings

The business meetings will take place on June 27 and 28, to register.

Just login (if you already have an account) or create a new account and select the appropriate ticket (online or hybrid).

For more information on tickets and accommodation click here

Watch here a short guide on the business platform registration and functionalities!

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Watch here our quick guide about the business platform!

How do I register for gamescom latam?

If you already have access to the meeting platform, just go to the accreditation area in the event and look for the B2B desk / line. You have to take a document with a picture to pick up your credential, which will be valid for all days of the event. The accreditation will be open:

26 June (Wednesday): from 2pm.

27 - 28 June (Thursday and Friday): from 9:30am.

29 June (Saturday): from 11am to 9:00pm.

We strongly recommend that you bring a physical document during all days of the event (it doesn't have to be the passport).

Event days and event times:

Business and press day + Welcome mixer: 26 June, from 2pm to 7:30pm

Those with a B2B ticket can access the event on 26 June, including the B2C area, which will be open only to professionals and the press.

The program includes B2B sessions and access to the gamescom latam countdown (equivalent to Opening Night Live in Germany).

There is a Welcome Mixer for those who bought the access to it. You can check if you have access to the Welcome Mixer at the dashboard. Look at the “About your ticket” area. If you don’t have it, you can still upgrade your ticket.

On-site business meetings (B2B area): 27 - 28 June, from 10am to 8pm

Schedule meetings through our platform. Everybody attending gamescom latam business area is registered here.

​Gameplay experience area and speaking sessions: 27 - 30 June, check out the times here

Your B2B ticket gives access to all the event during all days.

Speaking sessions: The auditoriums are located at the B2C area of the event. However, everybody who has a B2B ticket can reserve a seat in up to 15 speaking sessions. Just check them out here and book those you want to see. There are more than 150 hours of speaking sessions and everything is simultaneously translated to English.

From Wednesday to Friday, the focus is on B2B topics. During the weekend, the sessions are focused on B2C.

Gameplay: Get to know dozens of upcoming games at gamescom latam Big Festival and other areas of the event!

B2B meetings with content creators and brands: 29 June, 11am to 6pm.

This will be the first time we organize B2B sessions with content creators. We will invite key industry content creators, brands and agencies. Anyone with a B2B ticket will also be able to access the area. The networking will take place in the same area as the B2B meetings on Thursday and Friday. Meetings will not be scheduled through the meetings platform. It will be a more informal environment, where you can interact with content creators and agencies directly in the space.

Online business meetings: 1 July - 31 January, 2025

You can continue to access the meetings platform online until the end of January 2025!

Access for those who have a booth at the event

If you have a B2B booth at the event, you will be able to access the booth for verification on the afternoon of 26 June, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

On the other days (27 - 30 June), booth owners can access the event from 9:30am. To do so, your registration on the meeting platform must prove a link with the company that owns the booth.

How to get right in front of gamescom latam!

Gamescom latam will take place in a very large venue and the event occupies only the back part of it. To get right in front of gamescom latam's entrance, please use this address:

Address here!

We are waiting for you at gamescom latam!

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