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Logo for ASODEV Check profile


@ gamescom latam 2024 (In-person & online)

ASODEV is a non-profit entity conformed by companies and professionals that participate in the creation of video games in Costa Rica. Our main objective is to promote and boost the development of t...

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Logo for Orube Game Studio Check profile

Orube Game Studio

@ gamescom latam 2024 (In-person & online)

We develop games for mobile, consoles and PC. We built a community with our social media, reaching over 1.1M followers on TikTok and 1.3M subscribers on YouTube. All this sharing content about the ...

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Logo for VRMonkey Check profile


@ gamescom latam 2024 (In-person & online)

VRMonkey is the leading Brazilian External Development studio for VR, known for its work on Drunkn Bar Fight, Nock, Wraith The Oblivion : Afterlife, Windlands 2, Tarzan VR, The Exorcist - Legion V...

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@ gamescom latam 2024 (In-person & online)

Need help with your game, or need a game developed from scratch for your project? We can help your team stay on time and on budget, with a level of quality that is expected from your project.


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Logo for SpielFabrique 360° Check profile

SpielFabrique 360°

@ gamescom latam 2024 (In-person & online)

As a catalyst for the video game ecosystem, we bring together all industry stakeholders to create greater understanding, knowledge and collaboration.

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Logo for Venturion Check profile


@ gamescom latam 2024 (In-person & online)

Developers of Slink & Snatch, a stealth and exploration VR game, finalist for Best XR/VR 2023! The game is in pre-alpha and we are currently looking for development funding and publishing.

We al...

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Logo for Electronic Arts, Inc. Check profile

Electronic Arts, Inc.

@ gamescom latam 2024 (In-person & online)

Electronic Arts Inc. is a leading global interactive entertainment software company. EA delivers games, content and online services for Internet-connected consoles, personal computers, mobile phone...

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Logo for CAPCOM Check profile


@ gamescom latam 2024 (In-person & online)


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Logo for Behold Studios Check profile

Behold Studios

@ gamescom latam 2024 (In-person & online)

Creators of original IPs like Knights of Pen & Paper, Chroma Squad and Out of Space which were globally acclaimed, with more than 70 international awards and nominations, a successful Kickstarter c...

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Logo for Wargaming Check profile


@ gamescom latam 2024 (In-person & online)

Wargaming is an award-winning online game developer and publisher headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. Operating since 1998, Wargaming has grown to become one of the leaders in the gaming industry wit...

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