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Arcade Paradise VR

Project attributes

  • Game
  • Audience (Game)
  • Casual (Audience)
  • Hard-core (Audience)
  • Mid-core (Audience)
  • Genre (Game)
  • Action (Genre)
  • Alternate reality (Genre)
  • Arcade (Genre)
  • Beat Em Up (Genre)
  • Cards (Genre)
  • Family (Genre)
  • FPS (Genre)
  • Narrative (Genre)
  • Plataformer (Genre)
  • Puzzle (Genre)
  • Race / Flight (Genre)
  • Racing/flight (Genre)
  • Rhythm (Genre)
  • Shooter (Genre)
  • Side-Scrolling (Genre)
  • Simulation (Genre)
  • Virtual Reality (Genre)
  • VR / AR / XR (Genre)
  • Xbox Game Pass (Genre)
  • Platform (Game)
  • Android (Platform)
  • Other (Platform)

Enter the virtual realm in Arcade Paradise VR, transporting you back to 1993 for an all-new immersive experience oozing with retro-fueled gaming nostalgia.

Taking you on an empowering journey from rags to riches, Arcade Paradise is an adventure and light-management sim combo game where you transform the decrepit King Wash laundromat into a thriving business.

Featuring 6 exclusive to VR cabinets, it’s time to play, profit and purchase your way to your very own Arcade Paradise. So, strap on your latest virtual reality tech - because the future is NOW!

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